[Anime][Winter '10/'11] Preview Guide (updated when I watch new episodes)

1/15/11~I'll add images for the others when I get the chance. I was just trying to get my thoughts down on the series I had started so far. Sorry I'm behind. I had the flu for about 4 days.
1/6/11~ANN is known for publishing a preview guide every anime season and I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and make my own. This PV Guide will be updated as I watch new episodes of new series and such. I'll do up to 3 episodes of each series and then from there if I feel like it switch back to episode reviews like I used to do ^__^ Series are in order of which I watched more recently.

Dragon Crisis! (3/5)
Big boobed sister, check.
Mysterious dragon girl, check.
Boy who this girl ends up attached to and seems to know him, check.
Episode was ok. Nice visuals. Well animated. Seems like I've seen this before.

Yumekui Merry e.01 (4/5)
Kind of has that Noein feel going because of the dimensional thing going down. Pretty good amount of info revealed that didn't really solve anything for the main character though. And this main girl character seems to be interesting.

Freezing e.01 & 02 (2/5)
1/15/11~ Here's this seasons Queen's Blade. Let's tear off your clothes in the most unrealistic way possible. From what I hear the manga is actually a good read. It's by the same person as Kuro Kami of which the anime adaptation was butchered. Turns out from my source Freezing is getting the same treatment. Hmmm...

Mahou Shojo Magical*Modoka e.1 (5/5)
1/15/11~ Stunning visuals. This is not your typical magical girl anime at all. I can't really say anything bad about this one... though I can't say much about it either. Nothing was really reveled. And there was some kick your bootie music!

Kimi ni Todoke II
e.00 (3/5)
1/6/11~ One thing I don't like anime doing is wasting a whole episode to recap a series I just watched. I understand that there will be people who haven't seen the first season and need a recap ... but a whole episode seems a bit much for me. In the case of Kimi n i Todoke II, I'm going to have to give it 4 rather than 3 episodes since this wasn't even a new episode!
e.01 (3/5)
1/15/11~ This episode proved without a doubt how frustrating this anime is. I can tell this one works better as a manga because of how indecisive the main character is. I fumed throughout the series wishing I could yell at Sawako "just give him the damned chocolates!"

Rio: The Rainbow Gate (3/5)
1/6/11~ I think the people at ANN are being a bit harsh on this series. It wasn't bad for what it's based on - a series of slot machines in Japan. The show itself could have been so much worse. There is a good amount of fan service, but not enough that ladies can't enjoy the show. Now, I will give ANN props for pointing out how odd it is a casino praises having a dealer who brings gamblers luck and makes them money rather than the casino.

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