Bleach chpt. 421-425

Thus ends the "decide" arch. I do have to admit that Ichigo does look pretty darn cool when using his last resort- a move that will forever rid him of his Shinigami powers... well at least that's what the manga said but we all know full and well that people never really loose their power in manga... ever. BUT BUT Kisuke comes and saves the day with his new KIDO. Oh ho ho... ho? Man... is there ever going to be a limit to what death gods are allowed to invent?? =V Methinks not!

422: Zaraki looking all bad ass and bloodied while Kuchiki just has one arm scathed! I'm realizing more and more... I miss Ichigo having short hair but hey he's going to tell everyone the truth apparently about his being a Shinigami. But doesn't his dad already know?And it ends with every one freaking out that Ichigo passed out or something. NO DUH SHERLOCKS! HE just finished an epic battle... of course he'd more than likely pass out in pain.

423: 18,800 years in prison. Is there some meaning behind this number? Oh ho ho, talk back and get it raised to 20k!! And seems Gin had good in him. Heh, doesn't that always happen? Some if not all the villans had some ounce of goodness. And Ichigo's hair is back to normal! And... it continues. GOSH, this is like Inuyasaha syndrome. Going on for way too long...

424: Hmm, wow great way to start the new "arch" by starting the intro as if it were the beginning of the series but Ichigo now can't see ghosts. AND WE SKIP 1 YEAR 5 MONTHS INTO THE TWILIGHT ZO... i mean future. WRYYY? Heh, Ichigo can fight now xD rofl. He all "buff" and stuff. ... really. REALLY. REAAAAAAAAALLLY. Ichigo seems to have helped a shinigami without knowing so 0_0

425: Renting out Ichigo? Is he really that bad ass lol. Did Orihime change her hair??

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