My Apologies (and a update on what I've been up to)

Sorry about my blog not being updated this week 'til Friday 0.0

I had doctors appointments ALL this week to make sure my new blood pressure medicine was working (yes, barely going to be 20 and I have to take meds for blood pressure) and well for some reason I've also ended up having things to do late into the night and just did not get around to updating my here blog. I was suppose to go for 5 days in a row to get it checked, but when I went in on Thursday my doctor said that since my BP was in a normal range I could skip out on day 5 and just get that last apt (I was told to get labs done, a 5 day BP check and a second EKG) taken care of then to schedule a follow up to see as to why I've been having high blood pressure and a heart that was racing without meds.

Well, I'm about to post 3+ entries so be fulfilled. More like I'll be posting them throughout today :P

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