If you think these are real, you have so been TROLLED

My friend Ty linked two upcoming anime charts that are clearly major trolls. Chart 1 is a Fall Anime list and chart 2 is for the spring. I don't feel like formatting this blog all fancily but here are some links to the few anime on these charts that have some evidence behind them but most of the 'anime' listed on these charts are just dreams of otaku who want their favorite manga to have an anime adaptation.

Chart 1 [fall 2010]-
Franken Fran (troll) (manga)
The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer (troll) (manga)
Despera (real - proof)
Pheonix Wright (troll) (but there are a few manga versions)
Claymore (troll) (the anime already came out. No proof of this 'half remake')
Sock Monkey Loves You (real- proof)
Persona 4 (troll) (manga)
Mysterious Girlfriend X (troll) (manga)
Bakemonogatari (troll) (original anime)
Birdy the Mighty (troll) (original ova)
Baccano 2 (troll) (original anime)
Onanie Master Kurosawa (troll) (manga)
The Twelve Kingdoms 2 (troll) (anime)
Vinland Saga (troll) (manga)
Fullmetal Panic s4 (troll) (anime)
Kamen Rider Spirits (troll) (manga)
Charm (troll)
Bereserk Ultimate (troll) (manga)
Gundam Sentinel (troll)
Deadman Wonderland (real - proof)
Shinchiro Watanabe Untitled Project (unsure)
Pokemon 12 ep ova (troll) (but a different one is coming out - here)
Yotsuba&! (major troll D:<) (manga)
Nadeisco sequel (troll) (anime)
My Bride is a Mermaid sequel (troll) (manga)
Houkago Play (troll) (manga)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ova (troll) (ova is already out)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar (troll)

Chart 2 [spring 2011]-
((working on this part...))

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