[Summer 2010 Anime] Initial Impressions [Part 1]

Impressions: Going into this anime, I was expecting hard core pantsu shots and soft core porn moments... I was pretty much right xD This anime is based on a manga by a hentai artist. Overall, the first 3 episodes aren't bad. It is a Prodiction IG anime so it is beautiful, but the story isn't all that great. The main girl character is a cry baby, and the main guy is typical. I already dislike that teacher introduced in episode 3. That's about all I have to say other than that HILARIOUS moment in episode one where that girl is pushed down the stairs and while the zombies are bitting her, her stomach has a lot of bowl movements... wait, that's more gross.
Gunna Continue Watching: for sure.

Impressions: Wow... episode one was crud yet hilarious then episode 2 was just plain gross! I'm still a bit hesitant to continue with this one...... despite episode one being so funny.
Gunna Continue Watching: >.>

Impressions: =D Oh ho ho, it's the anime to replace that hole in my heart Nyan Koi left! It's like a mix of Dearz and Chobits... but this one is actually pretty good based on the 2 episodes I've seen. The first episode starts out with a pretty cool action scene.
Gunna Continue Watching: Yes

Impressions: Eh... it's interesting. It kind of has that Ghost Hound feeling but it lacks. Ghost Hound was compelling, this is just trying a bit too much to be a horror.
Gunna Continue Watching: For now

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