[Anime of the Week] on a hiatus

For the few people that probably read my AOTW blogs, I haven't been posting because of my new job at a call center! There probably won't be a new official AOTW until training ends on Jan 30th 2010. Sorry if you miss my blog :( I miss working on it! So, to make it up to you here are a few quick opinions of mine about the current Winter anime playing that I've had the time to watch:

Seikon no Qwaser: I watched the censored and uncensored version of episode one. Honestly, there really is no need for the latter version when it comes to keeping the plot of the show going. Yes I know that the manga is very reliant on it's echhi/pervy/porn nature (I know because when I was doing reasurch on the Winter 09/10 anime, I read some of the manga) BUT that doesn't mean the anime has to be as well. The story for Qwaser has been done many times before, but the animation is pretty decent... and the music isn't half bad. I've curently seen 2 episodes. Both of which did not do much as far as making the plot go anywhere. All I know is that Sasha is powerfull. Woopidy do da day! *face palms*
Hanamaru Kindergarten: T___T I was looking forward to a show that would be similar to Potemayo only to be slapped in the face with an overly cute show about some kinder kid saying her teacher hit on her and that she will marry him because her mother approves. It's not as over the top as Kodomo no Jikan is with pervy kids, but the show isn't really going anywhere... as far as 2 eps have shown.
Omamori Himari: I honestly thought this show would be somewhat good, but it just made me want to watch Nyan Koi! season 2 more (and there better be a season 2 or i'll scream!) and slap the show in the face! It's using a concept that has been used so many times already... and it's not being new about it. >__>
Durarara: Thank Jesus for this series (even though I'm only one ep in)! It doesn't seem to be like an overused concept type anime and the anime is really coolio joe! Not much has been revealed plot wise, but I have high hopes for this one since it is based on a light novel series by the same person as Baccono. SO, go watch this one nooooow, especially if you liked Paranoia Agent. ;D
Chu-Bra!!: ...... *face palms*
Ladies vs. Butlers: *flushes the show down a toilet*
Baka to Test: I love this show soooo much! It has really pretty animation, this jokes are hilarious (even ones that would usually make me face palm made me roll on the floor with laughter), the pacing is wonderful, the music is ok and the characters.... are ones I don't care about having seen in other anime! *marries this anime*
Ookamikakushi: Meh. It's interesting enough, but it has that Higurashi feel which just makes me want to watch Higurashi more. I've heard really good things about Higurashi. OH, Ookamikakushi has character designs by Peach-pit if you were wondering.
Dance in the Vampire Bund: Having a loli vampire and an average looking teen weerewolf is not working out as well as I hoped. Currently it seems better as a manga than an anime. *shrugs*

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