[Mini-reviews] Gantz (1-4) & Moetan (1)

Episode(s) Watched: 1-4
Quick Star Rating: 3/5
Quick Opinion: The anime follows the manga fairly closely. I'm impressed with how this potty mouth anime could make me feel bad for the characters. I already was when I was addicted to the manga about two years ago, but i didn't expect the emotions to translate so well to an anime (especially with all the language). Oh well, I feel really bad for the onion alien T^T I even feel a bit bad for his dad.
Plan to Continue Watching: Yes.

Episode(s) Watched: 1
Quick Star Rating: for the moe factor 5/5 but for the actual episode 2/5
Quick Opinion: I already knew this was going to be moe, but not as moe as it turned out to be. The girl is supposedly in high school but she looks wayyyyyyyyy too young. Like, more so than normal D:<
Plan to Continue Watching: For the laughs.

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