What Akia Cares About [#1][video games]

~Video Games~
Trauma Team is set for a spring 2010 release in the states and Japan (but the game is tentavily called Hospital for the Japanese release). I'm a HUGE fan of the Trauma Center series, but this game will not have Derek Styles as a main character. Instead, there are 6 main characters you get to choose to play as- Gabriel Cunningham (diagnostician), Hank Freebird (orthopedic surgeon), Naomi Kimishima (medical examiner -she was also a nurse in Second Opinion-), Maria Torres (paramedic/ EMT), Prisoner CR-S01 (surgeon). Atlus has not given much info out about the game other than character names and positions. The teaser (linked above) does not show much game play.
If you have yet to play a game in Atlus' Trauma Center series, I reccomend those with the choice between playing the Nintendo DS releases (Under the Knife and Under the Knife 2) and the Nintendo Wii ones (Second Opinion is what could be called a 'Wii-make' of Under the Knife where as New Blood is the true Trauma Center release for the Wii), to play the DS releases. Second Opinion was extremly easy to play on any of the difficulties, and I can not give an opinion on New Blood because I have not played it... but I hear it is hard to beat.

Persona PSP
[E3 demo][official english site]
I've never played the original Persona, but I am pretty excited about the PSP release. The main reason I have yet to play the origina version is because I have had a hard time finding one to buy that isn't over priced. The game was originally released in 1996 as Persona Revelations. It was released for the original Play Station. Even though the PSP version is considered a PSP-remake, Atlus promises the game will be "fully rebalanced, visually enhanced, and completely relocalized." There's also a level that was not included in the original english release! The game is set for a September 22 2009 english release. If you preorder the game, you'll get a 2-cd soundrack.
I'm also looking forward to...
1] Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. [official japanese site] It's the 5th game in the Ace Attorney series by Capcom. This time around, you get to play as Pheonix's frienemy Edgeworth. The game focuses more on investigations rather than time in court. Edgeworth is a presecutor where as Pheonix is a defense attorney. The game was released last month in Japan and is expected to be released winter 2009 or early 2010. I've beaten the first game in the Ace Attorney series (the DS release, not the original Game Boy one) and am currently working my way through the second game.
2] Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams. [official website][teaser][gameplay] I'm still working my way through the first game, but that doesn't keep me from being excited about the second. In the first game, you play as a human but in the second you get to play as a Big Daddy... a very scary drill handed creature. Set for a fall 2009 release.

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