[Life Post] An Akia Update [#16]- My heart is sooo Blue

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Say hello to my very blue heart! He is playing (yes, my heart is a boy) the saxaphone because of how blue he is. Haha. Ok, this is not my heart; it's a heart sculpture I made with paper mache, tons of acrylic paint (mostly blue, yellow and that bronze color you see on the sax and glasses), wire, black spray paint and two candle stands for my Drawing II class in high school. I posted this on my Deviant art page here. I spent most of teh day working on this and doign something called marbling. My art teacher held a marbling workshop allll day and her drawing kids worked on their sculptures as well as the marbling. This means I didn't go to any of my classes (other than 2nd perdiod) today!

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