[Life Post] An Akia Update [#8]

*whispers to self* does anyone even read my blog??
Been a while, ne?
Well, life gets in the way of... internet life. Basically, school kicks peoples butts.
[I'm no exception.]
Akia Updates!!
1] Watched Babylon A.D. with my dad and sis about 10 minuets ago. It is sooo amazing!! ((of course, my dad did not like it because it was a bit hard to understand)) I'll be posting a review of this movie veryy soon; and I mean it this time. No long wait for this review because the movie is that amazing. So worth taking an hour or so to review. Go watch it now, though, because it is out on DVD at your local Blockbuster =D
2] Got a new schedule... blah. I like it.
3] Trying to get a j-o-b... again. I applied at Dairy Queen this past tuesday. My mom worked at Dairy Queen as her first job, so if I get it, that will be pretty funny. "like mother, like daughter"
4] Saw that I have an 81 in Anatomy for my semester grade!!! Sooo, happy-exstaticl-y about that because it means I can breath for a while (this three day weekend) because I know I won't end up grounded from the computer. I will definantly be studying from the next time I learn something so I don't end up with a 43 ever again. Sheesh, no need to stress myself.
5] Went back to being a Cubbie leader this week, but do to I-studio's business, I'm going to have to give up being a Cubbie leader in order to have monday as the day I don't go into work when I have an interview to discuss when I'm available (and monday's going to be a 'catch up' day for homework and room cleaning). Also, I'm trying to get it to where I can work at 1pm on Sunday's so I can go to youth or adult service. Adult servicce is in the morning and high school youth is at 11pm. Sooo, I'll probably end up going to adult (aka main) service untill I go off to UTEP or EPCC.
6] I want to see Mirror Mask really bad right now =(
7] I'm now part of the 50 books in a year challenge (reading Skinned and a bunch of other books), but I can't seem to sit down with a book(or lay on my bed) like I used to! Nor can I read at school because I'm usually busy... and if it's taking me this long to read a book that would normally take me 5 straight hours, I have no idea how this challenge will fair with my schedule. *sigh* The life of a bookworm. 0_0 there's still tons of manga in my room to be read. That is a first, I usually read my manga within a month of getting them, but there's about 10 volumes that have not been read about a month and a half later. The world just might end... and for real this time. ok, not.
8] Have a new series on my Deviantart called aneXdemi-Human: The Delusion of Fantasy
9] Eureka 7 and Figure 17 are anime I want to watch NOW. I don't care about the winter '09 anime if I can watch these right now =( they amazing, daddy. they really are!!
10] Someone needs to send Akia the first season fo TruBlood, because you know you want to =) *bats eyelashes*
I have a new schedule... and I just found out yesterday that my schedule may get messed up!!
My poor, perfect, schedule =[
I finally get a spring schedule that is RIGHT and this is what happens:
my new first period is either...
-A pre-AP class (I don't mind this)
-or nonexistant (this happened last year with my "self marketing" class)
Here's my new schedule (minus teachers/ room numbers):
1st- precal
2nd- drawing II
3rd- dual credit government (texas gov)
4th- Anatomy/Physiology
5th- dual credit government
Ok, I'll stop before I start ranting about have freakin' messed up my schools system is =)
0__0 what kind of STUPID update was that!? how (un)informative that was....
or was it?
I dunno!!!!!!
I'm pretty sure no one does... or is. =(

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